What factors need to be considered when customizing ladders?

Industry I 2020-09-15, Number of views:12


Before customizing a ladder, first consider the material of the ladder. Wooden cannot be placed outdoors and is heavy.  Iron needs to be painted to prevent rust, and its quality is relatively high; compared to the first two, aluminum ladders are lighter, rust-proof and durable.  Whether it is a home or industrial ladder, aluminum ladders are a better choice.  Secondly, customized ladders are suitable for the customer's purpose.  Therefore, the measurement of the size is also the key. The customer should provide the exact size required by the designer, and then according to the customer's needs,The designer performs repeated calculations and draws a drawing that satisfies the customer.  Designers are very important in this link. The designers are all senior designers with many years of experience in ladder design, with good service and superb skills, and the past customers are very satisfied.  Our company owns factories, salesmen, designers, factories with three points and one line, one-stop service, and deliver products to customers safely and completely.