In daily life, should I choose FRP ladders or aluminum alloy ladders?

Industry I 2020-09-15, Number of views:19


In our daily life, we occasionally need to climb high to fetch objects and perform operations, so ladders are an indispensable tool in our lives.  When choosing ladders (aluminum alloy aluminum alloy aluminum alloy aluminum alloy ladders), of course, we will choose waterproof and durable materials. FRP and aluminum alloy are materials that meet these two conditions. Then in life, which material do we prefer?  

First of all, the advantages of these two materials are basically the same to meet the needs of daily life. FRP ladders (aluminum alloy aluminum alloy aluminum alloy aluminum alloy ladders) have an insulating effect, so they are more inclined to be used in jobs related to electrical operations [  0], for example: electrician, etc.; the requirement for insulation in daily life is not high, so this advantage can be ignored.  Secondly, from the comparison of quality, the same five-step double-sided ladder glass fiber reinforced plastic weighs 7.9Kg, while the aluminum alloy ladder is only 6Kg. 

It can be seen that Aluminum alloy ladders are much lighter than FRP; of course, light and easy-to-use aluminum household ladders are chosen in daily life. FRP ladders are still used in professional fields.  Both aluminum alloy ladders (aluminum alloy aluminum alloy aluminum alloy ladders) and FRP ladders can be customized. Interested customers are welcome to come to consult: ()