The advantages of argon arc welding aluminum in the link of aluminum alloy ladder components

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When assembling aluminum alloy ladders, argon arc welding is used in many places; for example, between the steps and the ladder frame, between the handrail and the ladder frame, etc.; the welding is mainly stronger than bolts, does not fall off, and prevents oxidation.

[Reason for argon arc welding of aluminum alloy ladders]:

The main difficulty in welding aluminum materials is the oxidation problem when the melting temperature is reached. Argon gas  It is an inert gas, it does not react with metal and is insoluble in metal, and argon arc welding has the function of cathode cleaning. When the workpiece is a negative electrode, the oxide film formed has a small electron work function, easy to emit electrons, and cathode spots are easy to oxidize  After the formation of the cathode spot, on the one hand, the spot will be impacted by high-speed argon positive ions. On the other hand, the current density at the spot is high and the temperature is high. Under the action of these two aspects, the oxide film will be  Destroyed, decomposed and removed, this is cathode cleaning, also known as cathode atomization, or cathode crushing.  Argon arc welding is the first choice for aluminum alloy, with few welding defects and good quality.  The weld is very good.  The joint toughness is also better.  Aluminum Ladder Manufacturers

[Application of Argon Arc Welding in Aluminum Ladder]: Link between step and step frame, link between step and ladder frame, link between ladder frame and ladder frame