The aluminum alloy double-sided ladder is suitable for a variety of climbing workplaces, light weight and high quality!

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Aluminum alloyDouble-sided ladder-daily-use ladder

[Advantages of aluminum alloy double-sided ladder]: The material is made of aluminum alloy anti-rust and corrosion-resistant material, light weight and high quality  , Easy to move; the aluminum double-sided ladder adopts horizontal stripes to increase friction and prevent slippage and easy climbing.

[How to use aluminum alloy double-sided ladder]: The aluminum alloy double-sided ladder is simple to use and easy to operate. Check before use: first check whether the ladder has any loose screws; the pedal and the ladder foot fixed connection piece  No signs of looseness and fall off

; Whether the safety lock is flexible to open; whether the non-slip rubber pad of the ladder foot is intact and there are no damages or cracks; the zipper is kept intact and the length is appropriate.  The function of each part of the ladder and the maximum load-bearing, opening and closing angle.  When using any ladder to go up and down, you must face the ladder, and you are not allowed to hold any utensils in your hands

It is not allowed to stand on the highest level of the ladder for operation; when standing on the second level, you must step on the ladder separately  The ladders on both sides should be supported and supervised by a special person; when the in-line ladder is operated against the wall, special supervision is required and measures should be taken to prevent the ladder from sliding.  There are many types of mobile ladders, and they are used frequently, so they are often used easily without careful inspection.

Therefore, in addition to the quality acceptance of new elevators in accordance with current and national standards before use, regular inspections and maintenance are also required.

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