Which is more practical, aluminum telescopic ladder or folding ladder?

Industry I 2020-09-15, Number of views:14

[Features of aluminum telescopic ladder]: The aluminum telescopic ladder can be stretched and shortened like a fishing rod; it is light in weight, adjustable in height, and can be shortened to the lowest height without taking up space when stored.  It adopts thickened plates, which can bear 150Kg, safe and reliable; [Aluminum telescopic ladder use site]: It is used in households, hotels, shopping malls, enterprises, power and telecommunications, urban construction, public security and fire protection, heating and gas supply, gardens and other departments. 

 The ideal ladder for high-level operations is also a necessary ascending ladder for various types of emergency vehicles, line inspection vehicles, command vehicles and other vehicles in field operations.   Let’s discuss the characteristics of folding ladders [Characteristics of aluminum alloy folding ladders]: Aluminum folding ladders can be used in a variety of forms, light weight, and easy to carry; after folding, the trunk of the car can be placed.  Mostly used for household ladders.   The two types of ladders have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the places they use are easy to use.  There are differences. Where to use them depends on the actual situation!   More than 20 years of professional development of ladders, and rich experience in the production and use of ladders!