The advantages of insulated U-shaped ladder column and D-shaped pedal!

Industry I 2020-09-15, Number of views:12

Insulated U-shaped ladder column D-shaped pedal

(1) The characteristics of the U-shaped insulated ladder column and D-shaped insulated rung insulated single-lift ladder developed by our company ().

1. The insulated U-shaped ladder column and the D-shaped insulated rung are made of domestic first-line brand raw materials after high temperature pultrusion, which has high mechanical strength and light weight.  Good aging resistance.

2. The U-shaped ladder column and the D-shaped ladder pedal adopt advanced adhesive penetration connection technology.  Pave the special high-strength reinforced insulation support  support plate to strengthen, so that the ladder column and the ladder pedal are integrated.  The stability, insulation and aesthetics of the whole ladder are much higher than that of ordinary insulating ladders.

3. Install a high-strength pole-holding belt on the top of the insulated ladder to make the ladder contact the pole surface.  The lower part is equipped with a non-slip ladder foot made of hard rubber, which has good wear resistance and weather resistance, and is safer.  Manufacturing of FRP ladders.