The quality of insulating ladders is safety!

Industry I 2020-09-15, Number of views:16

With the continuous progress and development of society, the importance of safety work has become more and more important in today’s market economy construction. Therefore, today  Most of the enterprises and institutions in our country have realized the significance of safe production and have launched various driving safety education and training.  It is understood that in all safety accidents, the unsafe state of construction equipment is one of the main reasons for the accident. Therefore, the safety performance of construction equipment determines the effectiveness of safety production management from the source and fundamentally.  However, looking at the safety  production environment, a slight carelessness in the selection of production tools may bury hidden dangers for safe production.

The production of insulating safety ladders mainly considers that many industries face high-voltage electricity when working at heights.  Metal ladders greatly increase the probability of electric shock accidents. Shenshi has developed a glass fiber reinforced plastic insulation ladder with a voltage resistance level of 35 kV, which can avoid accidental electric shock accidents to the greatest extent.  The production of insulating safety ladders is based on the development concept of advancing with the times and foresight, and Shenshi is based on thorough consideration and meticulous design of safety requirements.

In recent years, with the rise of high-risk industries such as electricity and communications that need to face high-voltage power,  Safety ladders have higher and higher requirements for their insulation function. The domestic sales of Shenshi also shows the enhancement of domestic enterprises' awareness of safe production and the ubiquitous deepening of the "people-oriented" concept.

Mobile platform ladder brings more than just one to domestic ladder users  A good ladder is a safe ladder solution that is more suitable for all walks of life in China, especially in the overall environment of China’s safety production management and management, it is a kind of dissemination and guidance of the concept of safety production-guiding our enterprises in safety  The selection of tools and equipment is more scientific and rational.