Why is the corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy stronger than that of steel?

Industry I 2020-09-15, Number of views:13

Our company () selects aluminum alloy as the main material for ladder manufacturing.  Because aluminum alloy has stronger properties than steel.

The rust layer formed after the oxidation of steel is very loose, which will increase moisture absorption, thereby accelerating the internal oxidation speed of .  However, aluminum in aluminum alloy is active and easily reacts with oxygen. A dense aluminum oxide layer is formed on the surface. The aluminum oxide is very stable and not easy to be corroded. This layer of aluminum oxide will act as a protective layer to prevent the aluminum inside from further reacting or  Corroded.  Therefore, in order to make the ladders more practical and durable, our company chooses aluminum alloy material, which is light in weight, beautiful in color, does not require special maintenance, and is rust and corrosion resistant.  Whether indoor or outdoor, industrial engineering and household lighting are the first choice.

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