Tianjin customer customized storage step ladder has been manufactured

Industry I 2020-09-15, Number of views:32

Recently, I thought that a customer from Tianjin called to indicate that they wanted a customized stepping ladder. Customized aluminum alloy ladders are our company’s strengths; we took the task and understood the needs of customers, which are durable and resistant.  Rust and anti-corrosion, beautiful appearance, safe climbing, the most important thing is the storage function!  In the aluminum alloy ladder customization industry, our company has focused on more than 20 years, rich experience, free and fast drawing, and meet customer satisfaction; due to customer needs, we first choose aluminum alloy materials, which are rust-proof and anti-corrosive, and have a service life of several decades  .  

Secondly, according to the requirements, the storage space under the step ladder is designed to save space and more convenient.  In the end, the actual product was put to the ground, and the customer was very satisfied with the photo.  

Focus on customization of aluminum alloy ladders for many years, rich experience, and guaranteed materials from our own factory!

Customized Aluminum alloy climbing platform is made of thick aluminum, non-slip aluminum plate increases friction and makes climbing safer!  Climbing the step ladder

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