Correct use method of multifunctional extension ladder

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Instructions for multifunctional extension ladder

Note: This ladder is a foldable multifunctional aluminum alloy ladder, suitable for household, engineering, and vehicle.  

No insulation function, only for non-electric  contact use.  

How to:

Inspection Ladder

1. After getting the ladder and every time you use the ladder, you must check: never use it  For damaged, bent or broken ladders, all parts of the ladder must be intact.

2.Open the folding ladder and pay attention to the “click” at the joints for locking.

3. ①Make sure the ground is level before use

  ②Make sure the joints of the aluminum alloy ladder are locked before use

③Important: this  The ladder is designed for human (working) use, and the additional materials and tools cannot exceed the rated load marked on the ladder (ladder bearing weight150kg)