A custom-made ladder for Guangxi customers

Industry I 2020-09-15, Number of views:13


Production requirements

Ladder length: 4000mm

Ladder width 700mm

Steps: arc  Stepping

(Satisfy the use of multiple angles, commonly used in vertical 3.3 meters)

Main frame material: 25*50*3mm aluminum alloy gold square tube

Step material: 3.0mm non-slip aluminum plate

Handrail height 800mm

Handrail material: φ30*3.0mm aluminum tube

Top step length and upper edge 400mm width 700mm

Fix 10mm thick iron plate on the platform

The two sides of the iron plate are connected to the ears and bearings, and are connected to the front end of the top platform of the ladder so that the ladder can rotate around the bearing

Ladder  Welded ears on the bottom are convenient for lifting