Shanghai Huaide Electromechanical Co., Ltd. Customized Dwarf Changing Props

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Requirements: Aluminum ladder customization expert

1. The staff can safely reach the upper platform and perform the dwarf change of clothes  Operation;

2, the work ladder is light in weight, easy to carry and use; technical solution:

Change details:

1. Bottom: Remove the brake wheel and directly use the anchor cup to support on all sides, but two rectangular aluminum plates (independent) are needed under the anchor cup, the anchor cup contacts the rectangular plate, and the rectangular plate contacts the ground, reducing the impact  The pressure on the ground; the requirements of the rectangular board: make a groove where it contacts the anchor cup, so that the anchor cup is embedded in it to make it difficult to slide; make a small hook on the rectangular board, and put the board on the ground or pick it up  Pull the hook for easy operation; make two rectangular plates, estimated to be 700mm (wider than the ladder)*200mm, respectively, to match the 4 anchor cups on the left and right sides.

2. Top: There are three handrails on the top, which are located at the FGH position. The handrails do not adopt the casing structure, and directly make several short pipes (short pipes) on the top.  Thick), the handrail (the handrail tube is thin) is inserted (the last time the 4m high ladder telescopic ladder part is like this), in addition, you need to make two short tubes at the I position(In fact, there is one more, and the other one can be shared with the casing on the F side). When used, it is like this: Insert the handrails on the three sides of G/H/I at the height of the ladder at a height of 1.2 meters, and then raise the ladder  When the height reaches 1.7 meters, the person goes up from the F side. After going up, pull out the armrest on the I side (the width of the armrest is the width of the armrest in the F position) and insert it into the F position. Because the I side is connected to the dwarf platform, it is not necessary to work.  Need handrails.

3. Side: Don’t climb the ladder (remove the entire ladder), just install the pedal on the other side of the straight ladder, that is, install the pedal at the ABCD position.  Just pull the two short sleeves at the F position above (or the handrails on the left and right sides) and walk up along the pedals.  If possible, make the wider point under the pedal and the narrower one above the pedal to make it slightly sloped.

4. Change the size of the ladder to 1200mm*600mm, that is, the workbench above the ladder is of this size, because there are two people standing on the workbench.

5. The telescopic structure of the ladder remains unchanged, that is, the handrails are removed when stored normally, and the ladder is lowered to 1.2 meters high. If the pedal is added  If there is an obstacle to expansion, consider reducing the four-stage pedal to a three-stage pedal.