Advantages of aluminum alloy assembly and maintenance platform

Industry I 2020-09-15, Number of views:14

[Product name]: Aluminum alloy overhaul mobile platform (assembly) Aluminum alloy ladder

[Advantages]  : Material advantage: The use of aluminum alloy material has both the attributes of aluminum and the accessory attributes of alloy; so it is anti-rust and anti-corrosion, light in weight, and stable in quality.

Advantages of accessories: steel accessories are not easy to rust, universal brake wheels, easy to move.

Assembly advantages: the aluminum alloy inspection and repair mobile platform is bulky, the overall welding is inconvenient for transportation, the transportation cost is increased, the storage area is large, it is inconvenient, but the quality is more stable and reliable; the aluminum alloy assembly and repair mobile platform  , It can be disassembled during transportation, reducing the volume and floor space, and reducing freight; the disassembly of the mobile platform for assembly and repair of aluminum alloy  is transported to the site for installation and assembled in the on-site environment. The assembly is convenient and the bolts can be tightened.

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