Advantages of FRP materials in the ladder industry

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Aluminum alloy ladder The advantages of FRP ladder:

1  . Corrosion resistance: FRP material has strong acid resistance, alkali resistance, etc., and the effect of corrosion resistance is significant.

2. High strength: The strength of FRP products is higher than that of steel of the same specification, and it is used in ladders and is durable.

3. High rigidity: Sand glass steel pipe adopts resin quartz sandwich structure, the rigidity of commonly used pipes can reach 1250, 2500, 3750, 5000., 10000N/㎡ respectively  Above, wear resistance is higher than similar steel products.

4. Low friction: smooth surface, low hydraulic friction coefficient and long-term stability, low operating cost.

5. Good insulation performance: breakdown voltage is 12-16KV/㎜, 1014W.㎝; 1011 W.㎝, can be used for electricians  Elevating work ladders for professional electrical related industries

6. Anti-leakage: Adopt resin layer and high-density structure, internal and external leakage.  Easy to store and long service life.

7. Light weight: generally only 1/4 of the steel of the same specification, 1/10 of the cement pipe, convenient for loading and unloading, and easy to install.

8. Long service life: The design standard service life is more than 50 years. It is a product whose service life is included in domestic and foreign standards.

19. Convenient maintenance: Any defect of FRP products can be repaired by subsidy method, and water operation can be carried out.  Ladder can be used after repairing

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