Selection method of household aluminum alloy ladder

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How to choose household aluminum alloy ladder:

First of all, choose the material, material for household ladder  To be light and easy to take, it is best to choose a folding model that does not take up space; secondly, choose the height, which can be calculated according to the maximum height of the house. Generally, height plus arm length (the adult arm length is about 30cm) is what the human body can reach  To increase the height, subtract the height of the person from the maximum height of the house to be the selected height of the ladder; finally, confirm the load-bearing capacity of the ladder. The optimal load-bearing capacity of the ladder is 150KG, which is the most suitable load-bearing capacity of the ladder within the effective scope of application.  There will be no damage to people and ladders.  According to the above selection method, the following household aluminum alloy ladder is very in line with the requirements. The ladder has been focused on the ladder industry for many years, and the technology is reliable and quality guaranteed.