Use steps of aluminum alloy telescopic ladder climbing safety ladder

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Aluminum alloy telescopic ladderUse steps for climbing safety ladder

1  First check whether the aluminum alloy telescopic ladder is intact and whether the bolts of each part are tightened, and use it after ensuring that each part is complete and normal.

2. When transporting the ladder, two people carry it and one person carries it. Do not drag or drop the ladder on the ground, so as to prevent the ladder from being used during transportation.

3. After arriving at the use site, first check whether the ground is  flat and free of foreign objects, then lean the ladder on the used object to find a suitable fulcrum, and reserve space at the top of the ladder to ensure the fulcrum  The left and right sides of the ladder have a space of 30 cm each to ensure that the ladder is firmly docked and safe to climb; the best ascending angle of the ladder is 75°, and the ladder is the most stable and safe to use.

4. Raise the ladder, buckle tightly, and then climb.

5. After using the ladder, put it away and keep it away from children. Store it in a cool, dry, and non-corrosive place.